Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Good For Georgian Bay??

Election of Barack Obama Holds ‘Great Promise for Restoration of Great Lakes’

For Immediate Release:

November 5, 2008

ANN ARBOR, MICH. (November 5, 2008)— “The Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition is excited about Sen. Barack Obama’s victory and looks forward to working with his Administration and the new Congress for the change we need to restore and protect the Great Lakes—a national icon that is the foundation of our national economy and the source of our drinking water, health and way of life.

“The election of Barack Obama holds great promise for the restoration of the Great Lakes. During his tenure as a Great Lakes senator, President-elect Obama championed the restoration of the Great Lakes. He further showed his leadership for healthy lakes and healthy lives during his campaign for the White House by proposing a five-point restoration plan – including $5 billion in new federal funds - to address the serious threats to the lakes such as aquatic invasive species, toxic pollution, and sewage overflows.

“The millions of people who rely on the Great Lakes now count on President-elect Obama’s leadership to restore these waters, before the problems worsen and become more costly to correct.

“Restoring the Great Lakes will not only help the environment, it moves America forward by putting people to work, boosting property values in the region and increasing the tourism and fishing industry. An investment in the Great Lakes creates jobs and provides a solid return on investment for the region and the nation.

“We’ll work with President-elect Obama and the new Congress to make sure the goals and recommendations of the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration Strategy are met and funded so we can protect our drinking water, economy, public health and way of life.”

The Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition consists of more than 100 environmental, conservation, outdoor recreation organizations, zoos, aquariums and museums representing millions of people, whose common goal is to restore and protect the Great Lakes. The coalition is nonpartisan and does not endorse, support, or oppose candidates.


Jeff Skelding, Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition, (202) 797-6893,

Jordan Lubetkin, Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition, (734) 904-1589,

Georgian Bay Eco Museum is a member of the "Healing our Waters Great Lakes Coalition"

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