Sunday, July 27, 2008

Globe and Mail Understands Tourism and Canada's Competitive Edge

On Canada’s National Park Day, July 19, 2008 the Globe and Mail editorial department was astute in their recognition of the day, and even more astute in providing an opinion about Canada’s Tourism Industry. While extolling the contributions to Canada’s Nature reserves this year, and the importance the public is giving to environmental issues and wilderness protection they commented on where Canada’s tourism industry should be focused. The Globe goes on to say “Canada should work harder to make its extensive pristine wilderness a key differentiator in the intense competition for those very welcome visitors’ dollars.” I translate this message into tourism opportunity through Ecotourism.

Georgian Bay itself has many parks: Provincial and National Parks, two Biosphere Reserves, and the gateway to the Historic Trent-Severn Waterway a National Historic site. Georgian Bay holds a truly global unique position as "The Worlds Largest Fresh Water Eco Museum."

Photo: Georgian Bay looking at the Niagara Escarpment(r.taylor)

Regardless of the internal perception we as Canadians have about the image of Canada, I believe the rest of the world tends to look at Canada as one big wilderness area with a very large land mass of ‘pristine wilderness’. Certainly Canada is more pristine than the countries they are travelling from. However what is important here are the degrees of wilderness experiences which exist throughout the many tourist destinations north of the border and the numerous areas which provide or could provide a significant Eco Tourism experience.

While many destinations throughout the world have been marketing Eco Tourism as a major demand generator, Canada has been slow off the mark. Ontario may also be included as a bit behind in positioning the province as a major Eco Tourism destination.

Georgian Bay offers varying degrees of wilderness experiences, and offers the world a unique and outstanding outdoors activities. Both geography and wildlife viewing combine to provide exceptional visitor experiences for the most adventurous and the inexperienced novice.

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