Saturday, June 21, 2008

Canada as an Ecotourism Nation

New Ecotourism Magazine Canada Launched

Tourism demand is increasing for destinations offering 'ecotourism products' or adventures. The degree of adventure, can vary from soft to dangerous, however the essence of ecotourism experiences is always a respect for the environment, while providing some education as part of an outdoors leisure time activity. Congratulations go to Vern Telford, Professor Emeritus of Georgian College who conducted two years of research before launching his Ecotourism Canada Magazine.

The Georgian Bay Eco Museum supports this new venture, and wishes Vern all the success in bringing new research and information to the tourism industry.
Ecotourism Magazine Canada is sent by mail to not only the Canadian tourism operators providing the ecotourism experiences and products, but also to a large contingent of the travel trade, travel media, governments, associations, suppliers and DMOs who influence travel both domestically and internationally. The magazine is published quarterly and is available on a subscription basis.

Additional information can be found at the Ecotourism Magazine Website or by calling Vern Telford 705-794-9848

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