Sunday, July 27, 2008

Globe and Mail Understands Tourism and Canada's Competitive Edge

On Canada’s National Park Day, July 19, 2008 the Globe and Mail editorial department was astute in their recognition of the day, and even more astute in providing an opinion about Canada’s Tourism Industry. While extolling the contributions to Canada’s Nature reserves this year, and the importance the public is giving to environmental issues and wilderness protection they commented on where Canada’s tourism industry should be focused. The Globe goes on to say “Canada should work harder to make its extensive pristine wilderness a key differentiator in the intense competition for those very welcome visitors’ dollars.” I translate this message into tourism opportunity through Ecotourism.

Georgian Bay itself has many parks: Provincial and National Parks, two Biosphere Reserves, and the gateway to the Historic Trent-Severn Waterway a National Historic site. Georgian Bay holds a truly global unique position as "The Worlds Largest Fresh Water Eco Museum."

Photo: Georgian Bay looking at the Niagara Escarpment(r.taylor)

Regardless of the internal perception we as Canadians have about the image of Canada, I believe the rest of the world tends to look at Canada as one big wilderness area with a very large land mass of ‘pristine wilderness’. Certainly Canada is more pristine than the countries they are travelling from. However what is important here are the degrees of wilderness experiences which exist throughout the many tourist destinations north of the border and the numerous areas which provide or could provide a significant Eco Tourism experience.

While many destinations throughout the world have been marketing Eco Tourism as a major demand generator, Canada has been slow off the mark. Ontario may also be included as a bit behind in positioning the province as a major Eco Tourism destination.

Georgian Bay offers varying degrees of wilderness experiences, and offers the world a unique and outstanding outdoors activities. Both geography and wildlife viewing combine to provide exceptional visitor experiences for the most adventurous and the inexperienced novice.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Wasaga Beach--Battle For Georgian Bay Event This weekend

Wasaga under Siege – “A War of 1812 Experience

Nancy Island Historic Site, Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada

July 25th, 26th, 27th/2008

Lt. Miller Worsley of the British Royal Navy was in a tight situation and he knew it. From his position at the mouth of the Nottawasaga River looking out onto Georgian Bay, he could see the sails of three warships approaching. They were not flying the British Union Jack, but the Stars and Stripes of the infant republic to the south. It was August 13th, 1814 and Great Britain had been at war with the United States for two years.

From the narrow strip of land on which Worsley lay, the Nottawasaga River curved behind him running almost parallel to the lakeshore for about four miles, a piece of waterfront, which to future generations would become a popular tourist destination.

But now it was war and Worley’s main concern was the schooner Nancy which sat anchored in the river behind him, her masts concealed by the trees. She was his to command along with 21 seamen of the Royal Navy, 23 Indians and 9 French Canadian Voyageurs. This was Nottawasaga Landing an important British supply post. It was guarded only by one crudely built blockhouse on the inland side of the river and was the only means of defence which stood between the Americans and the Nancy, if she was to be discovered.

The American ships Niagara, Tigress and Scorpion, under the command of Captain A. Sinclair had sailed to the mouth of the Nottawasaga River and dropped anchor. They believed the Nancy whom they were seeking, was still on route from Fort Michilimackinac. Perhaps the Nancy and her crew would escape the Americans after all……

Wasaga under Siege “A War of 1812 Experience” hosted by Nancy Island Historic Site and the Town of Wasaga Beach will feature authentic War of 1812 tactics, historical battles, marine assault landings, artillery, and much more. A professional public address announcer will narrate each battle event as a series of fictional and historical battle scenarios will be presented to the public over a three day period. The Grand Encampment at Nancy Island Historic Site will feature over 400 re-enactors opening their

living history encampments to the public along with 19th century merchants, artisans, period cooking, musket and cannon demonstrations, and period entertainment featuring, Ceol Cara, Caber Toss, Washboard Hank, The Zoom Daddy's and Backroads.

"The sandy beach and the modern attractions that surround it have overshadowed Wasaga Beaches rich history for such a long time, that only a small percentage of visitors and residents actually know that a War of 1812 battle was fought here. Wasaga under Siege “A War of 1812 Experience” is an annual large scale re-enactment that will help bring to live this important historical event in Wasaga Beaches’ history. Battles and activities will no longer be restricted to the Historic Site of Nancy Island as all battle events will take place off the island in various beach park locations throughout Wasaga Beach. The battles taking place off Nancy Island will bring more awareness of our rich history to our visitors and residents as well as bringing more exposure and visitation to Nancy Island Historic Site itself.” Bonnie Smith – Town of Wasaga Beach

Visit for more event information.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Georgian Bay Getaways North of Toronto


Georgian Bay is one of the freshest great resort destinations in Canada........the largest freshwater beach, largest fresh water island, and numerous provincial and national parks and biosphere reserves. Discover First Nations peoples and Native Pow Wows during the summer season.

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