Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ontario Beach Travel On Georgian Bay- Tiny Beaches-Some of the Best in Ontario

Often when asked by friends about a nice sand beach, it is hard to choose as each beach area they I have visited has its own attributes. Depending on the weather, the age of the children, or the nature of activities(walking the beach, picnic, or just tanning on the beach) all come in to play. One of the closest Georgian Bay beaches to Barrie for a late afternoon swim and picnic is Tiny Beach about a 40 min. drive using the back roads and avoiding the Ontario summer traffic. The main tourist attraction in the Townhip of Tiny's Beaches is a beach area that is not so tiny and is an extension of the Wasaga Beach chain including Allenwood, and Woodland Beach. You can walk for miles along Bluewater Beach, Wymbolwood Beach, right up to Balm Beach(Midland)

Driving From Barrie, take Highway 26 to the Horseshoe Valley Road, turn right on to the Horseshoe Valley Road (Simcoe Road 22). Take your first immediate left on to SimcoeCrosslands Road). Stay on 29 go past the drive inn and continue to the bottom of 29 where it meets Georgian Bay. This joins Tiny Beach Rd. and continues to the right. Drive to Concession 6, you will see a beach right of way on your left, however turn right on to ConcessionWymbolwood Nature Preserve. Free parking is down the road on Old Trail Road adjacent to the Wymbolwood Nature Preserve. It is a bout a 5 min. walk back to the beach.

NOTE: Do not park in the no parking zones as the parking police are vigilant, and the fine is hefty. Please remove all of your garbage as well.

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At July 5, 2010 at 10:31 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are no parking signs all over old trail road. It seems that the tiny beaches are no longer available to the average Canadian. If you don't have a cottage - you are not welcome.
It's very sad to lose more waterfront to the privilaged.


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